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I am a USHPA master rated pilot, tandem instructor, advanced instructor and instructor administrator, as well as an APPI master instructor.

I started teaching paragliding in 1990 in Montana. I moved to Utah in 1998 to teach paragliding and safe flying at the Point of the Mountain, Utah, one of the best paragliding training sites in the US.

I love to teach, and enjoy working with beginners as well as advancing pilots.

I prefer to work with one or two people at a time, allowing more focused and personalized attention to my students.

I Guide Flying Tours All Over The World!

I have been fortunate enough to travel the world leading tours and meeting great people. I have been traveling to Nepal most winters since 2000, leading tours, teaching and flying tandems. I have also led tours to Mexico, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and will be scheduling trips to China.

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Basic Training

I use both the USHPA and the APPI programs as a basis for my training. My students generally get trained well beyond the USHPA P2 minimums, typically getting @40-50 or more flights to get their P2, and @15-20 days of instruction. The price for P2 training means all my students are welcome to utilize me for the rest of their flying careers, returning for subsequent ratings and training at no additional cost. Tandem flight training is an integral part of my curriculum.

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USHPA P-2 Rating

Your P2 rating skills include:

  • Kiting/ground handling the glider competently
  • Launch and control in high wind and no wind conditions
  • Performing precision spot landings
  • Soaring in dynamic lift
  • Performing basic maneuvers including pitch control, small tip folds, speed bar use, rear riser turns and big ears.

This critical training covers:

  • Aerodynamics,
  • Flight theory and performance flying,
  • Care and maintenance of equipment,
  • Meteorology,
  • Risk management and
  • Proper judgement in making your decision to fly.

To continue your training and get an APPI pilot rating, you will need to understand the basics of thermal flying as well.

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